The Project

Welcome to, an alternative media source for French political news that is catered to an Anglophone audience. In today’s world, fewer and fewer people are buying newspapers, causing the major news agencies to cut back on aspects of their companies that require large investments. For this reason, most large-scale publications have been forced to abandon the system of foreign correspondents. However, just because the people who are interested in reading in-depth international political stories are a relatively small market, too small for the large investment needed to maintain foreign correspondents, that market has not disappeared. There is a niche for international political news, a niche that is no longer satisfied.

This is the project of La Jeune Politique. We are a young and fresh source for French political news. The project is a bilingual collaboration between young French and American journalists. We are unified by a drive to fill a void in today’s news market. We have stories with original reporting from writers who are on-the-ground in France. We also synthesize media trends of major French newspapers and tailor it to a new audience. We supplement these articles with background information and context that is not necessary to articles written for a French readership, while still keeping the stories up-to-date and current. We also have editorials from the perspective of French students and professionals on the ground in France. Too often, American news stories have quotes and reactions from Americans rather than from the French themselves. This way, we have the integrity of an internal French news source, but the ability to utilize an Anglophone market.

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