Staff (EN)

Below is a list of our current staff. In order to contact a specific person, please send an email to with the desired recipient’s name in the subject line. Thank you.

Melanie Bavaria (Co-Founder and Editor-in-Chief)

Nathan Ratapu (Co-Founder and Site Adviser)

Marc Goetzmann (French Managing Editor and Senior Staff Writer)

Olga Symeonoglou (American Managing Editor and Contributing Writer)

Clea Kolster (UK Managing Editor)

Staff Editors

Tim Suzor (Assistant Editor)

Rebecca Townsend (Assistant Editor)

Nicholas Mancall-Bitel (Assistant Editor) 

Staff Writers

Saraf Ahmed 

Laura Angers

Hugo Argenton (Staff Columnist)

Sarah Brown

Grace Chen

Andrada Dobre

Shuhao Fan 

Audrey Kabilova

Alice Faudot-Miguet

Edouard Harari

Emma Hurt 

Grace Jamieson  

Social media manager

Isabel Rothberg


Peter Ansell

Web and Design

Maya Meredith (Graphic Designer)


Justin Walker 

Peter Ansell 

Contributing Writers 

Anne-Sophie Raujol

Nick Andersen

Camille Duponteil

Jacob Cigainero

Corinne Ruff

Tim Suzor

Rebecca Townsend

Eleni Zaras

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