Happy Anniversary, Mr. President!

Last week, the French President celebrated his first anniversary in the Elysée Palace, the heart of the Republic. However, after one year in power, Hollande’s approval ratings reached the lowest point ever for a French President, the economy has entered into recession and society is divided on the new law authorizing marriage and adoption for […]

The Week of the President: From ‘Flanby’ to Commander-in-Chief

Hugo Argenton is LJP’s French columnist. He lives in Lille, France. The opinions expressed in this editorial are his own and are not indicative of LJP’s views. One of the biggest difficulties in analyzing politics lies with the fact that it cannot be disconnected from time and bias. If you follow general public tendencies, you […]

2012 in Perspective

Historians like important dates, dates that will maintain significance in the history books, dates that mark ruptures and world-changing events. Technically 2012 is not a date; it is a sum of dates, a list of events that made the news, some of which will be remembered for years to come. As this year comes to […]

Liberté, Egalité, Fraternité

If the fundamental principles of American democracy are based on the Constitution and its Bill of Rights, nothing should better embody the French democracy than these three words, the motto of our Republic: Liberté, Egalité, Fraternité. First used in 1790 in the middle of the French Revolution, they represent the idea of a harmonious society, […]

“Anti-White Racism”: How the Right Broke the Republican Pact

Politics is often a battle of spin doctors and communication experts. At this game, populist parties – in general at the extremes of the political spectrum – have always had the game easier than traditional parties. While the former tried and managed to play on people’s emotions, the latter were bonded by the responsibilities of […]

Nobel and Merkel