Echirolles’ s killings: “No to violence”

Today was a sad day in Grenoble. A somber atmosphere surrounded the silent march of solidarity that was the city’s way of paying tribute to Sofiane and Kevin, two young men killed on Friday September 28th at night in La Villeneuve, a sensitive area in Grenoble suburbs. This murder was a true lynching. Over the […]

Breaking the Cycle of Violence, New Perspectives for Marseille

On September 6th, the French Prime Minister Jean-Marc Ayrault summoned around 15 ministers for a special meeting regarding the city of Marseille, where recurring violence between criminal bands has drawn the country’s attention. A burned corpse found in Marseille on September 3rd triggered controversies and a flow of criticism against the government. It is believed […]

Conflict in Amiens: In Brief

The nights of violence seem to have finally been calmed. One hundred additional police were deployed to Amiens, leading to the first relatively peaceful night in Amiens this week. In the northern French city of Amiens, violent riots broke out Monday night and into Tuesday morning. In the North neighborhood of the city, about a […]