President Hollande Fails to Quell Leonarda Affair

President François Hollande continues his involvement in the case of Leonarda Dibrani, the fifteen-year-old Romani girl deported to Kosovo over a week ago because her family was living illegally in France for nearly five years. Attempting to avoid any further debate on immigration issues, Hollande issued a statement via national television on October 19, stating […]

Suicide in Parisian School Raises Questions over Security

On May 16, a 50-year-old man killed himself with a gun in the hall of a pre-school in the 7th arrondissement of Paris in front of several children. Sources indicate that he had been kept from entering by several adults before apparently panicking and shooting himself in the head. Vincent Peillon, Minister of Education, returned  from […]

Teaching of Morality Reintroduced in the French Educational System

Jean Jaurès, former leader of the French Socialist party, wrote 131 years ago, “There cannot be civic teaching without morality. Because morality is that which concerns the dignity and respect of humanity.” A century later, this idea remains relevant. Vincent Peillon, Minister of National Education, expressed his vision for a secular morality to be conveyed […]

Investing in the Future: Vincent Peillon Releases Plans for Educational Reform

The French Minster of Education, Vincent Peillon, informed the public last Thursday, April 10 that the 2013 school year would be “a year of transition.” According to him, 6,770 new jobs will be created, an increased emphasis will be placed on more teachers coming into the workforce, and a change in the structure of the […]

Sweeping Education Reform Passes in French Parliament

President Hollande’s historic education reform bill, championed by the French Minister of Education, Vincent Peillon, was passed by the French Parliament March 19. As an enormous part of Hollande’s platform for his election campaign in 2012, this bill’s passage is a huge coup for the President and his government, especially in light of the recent […]

A Year After Merah: Hollande Attends Ceremony in Toulouse

PARIS. – On March 17, François Hollande was in Toulouse for the first anniversary of Mohammed Merah’s murders in the French southern cities of Montauban and Toulouse. The French president delivered a speech that was not as conventional as expected, with many political implications. In  Toulouse’s main square, mayor Pierre Cohen, and François Hollande delivered […]

French Teachers Protest Additional Half-Day of Class

Following the introduction of Francois Hollande’s plan to reform the French education system last month, elementary school teachers across France went on strike Tuesday February 12 to protest the additional half-day of school that the reform would implement, making a 4 day-week system a 4.5-day system.  This is the third time in the last month […]

Parisian Teachers Protest Against Education Reform

PARIS. – A couple weeks ago, a series of advertisements filled the Paris metro. Their motto is cheerful, positive and full of hope: “who wants everyone to succeed?” Meanwhile, in the French capital, the overwhelming majority of the teachers in the Parisian elementary schools were in the streets on January 22 to protest against the […]

Hollande Urges for “More Teachers, Less Classes”

Cringe-worthy feedback from the OECD (Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development) report on education serves as a red-flag for the French, urging them to take action in this sector. For a country boasting the second-highest GDP in Europe, backwardness compared to other EU countries regarding schooling seems uncalled for. There is no doubt that President […]

France Debates New School Calendar

As soon as he assumed his position as Minister of Education in May, Vincent Peillon talked about a reform of the school calendar, asserting that “a four day week, very long holidays, overcrowded days, this is not good for anyone.” His concern comes from a report published in July 2011 and led by Luc Chatel, […]