The Media Battle Over Ukraine

HONG KONG. – It is a truth universally acknowledged that the Russian media are one lean mean propaganda machine. When most of a country’s major media outlets are government owned, that’s the occupational hazard. We, Russians, accept this far too calmly. It used to be that you could turn to Western media, such as that […]

Bomb Scare Interrupts an Afternoon at the Eiffel Tower

On the afternoon of Friday, August 9, thousands of visitors were evacuated from Paris’s Eiffel Tower and surrounding area following a bomb threat. Security received an anonymous phone tip around 2 PM before dispatching a bomb disposal unit to search the monument. Tourists in the Tower’s summit were forced to take elevators and approximately 700 […]

Should There Be “More Dictators Like Chavez”?

Last Tuesday, March 5, the President of the Republic of Venezuela Hugo Chavez died after battling cancer for months. In Venezuela, the announcement of his death provoked scenes of despair, as Chavez was revered by many in his country. Meanwhile, some argued that no one should cry over the loss of the Venezuelan President who […]

Rising Hopes for Free Trade Agreement Between EU & US

A few sentences from President Obama’s State of the Union Address were all it took to make the world perk up its ears in interest.  Obama’s call for a free trade agreement between the United States and the European Union is the source of much optimism in France. After twenty years of failed trade agreements […]