UMP Election to Be Held

Tuesday will be the next big test for the UMP, France’s right-wing “Union for a Popular Movement” political party, as constituents are expected to consult with their congressmen about the possibility of holding a second election to determine the head of the party. UMP heavyweights have become involved in negotiations between Copé, the close and […]

UMP Divides Along Copé-Fillon Lines as Standstill Continues

The battle for the head of the UMP has been raging on for well over two weeks, but despite attemps at mediation, negotiations have not gotten very far. A new meeting scheduled for Wednesday has been cancelled by Jean-François Copé ,who said he was not available. François Fillon’s entourage claims he is actually just trying to play […]

The Crazy Week of French Politics

Who could have imagined a week like this? Who could have imagined last Sunday how disruptive the week to come would be for all parties in French politics? Indeed, very few could have. Of course, there were some analysts who foresaw the risks at stake with the internal election in the former majority party. Some […]

Raging Battle for UMP Presidency Continues

The fight between the two former candidates for the Union pour un Mouvement Populaire (UMP) presidency is still raging. Jean-François Copé considers himself to be the winner of the election that took place on Sunday, November 18, but his opponent, François Fillon, still refuses to accept the results. Despite Fillon’s claim that there were massive irregularities […]