Homophobic Tweeting Breaks Out Across France

This past week, a new trending topic shot to the number one “hashtag” spot in France, shocking millions around the globe and once again calling into question the nation’s level of tolerance and acceptance towards its LGBT community. Tweets featuring the hashtag, #LesGaysDoiventDisparaitreCar (“Gays must disappear because”), numbered close to 10,000. Approximately 900 of the […]

French Court Orders Twitter to Publish Racist Users’ Data

In an effort to track potential extremists, France has ordered Twitter to reveal the personal information of racist users. The battle over Twitter started last October, when the anti-Semitic hashtag #UnBonJuif ( “a good Jew”) began trending in France. The Association of Jewish Students in France (UEJF) took legal action, asking that the social networking […]

The Values of the Republic, the Rules of the Internet

“Twitter must find ways to ensure that messages sent in our territory, in our language and intended for our citizens do not contain manifest attacks against our fixed principles [sic].” — Najat Vallaud-Belkacem, Minister for Women’s Rights / Government Spokesperson, 28 Dec. 2012, Le Monde French President François Hollande hasn’t tweeted since May 18. Granted, […]