Video: Solidarity Against Police Brutality in Turkey

Video by Peter Ansell for La Jeune Politique

Hollande Visits Turkey to Repair Relations

In an effort to repair French relations with Turkey, French President Francois Hollande traveled on Monday Jan. 27 to Ankara, the nation’s capital, for a two-day visit. The trip was fraught with political implication, both due to upcoming ministerial elections in Turkey and the country’s efforts to join the European Union (EU), of which France […]

France Cautiously Watches as Egyptian Turmoil Deepens

Speaking from a state visit to Tunisia, French President François Hollande addressed the populist military coup that has ousted Egyptian president Mohamed Morsi. While President Hollande refrained from directly condemning the coup, he urged the Egyptian military to respect the democratic process, and expressed his hope for a return to civilian rule in the country. […]

Three Kurdish Women Killed in Paris, Including Co-Founder of Kurdish Activist Party

PARIS. – Wearing yellow flags, hundreds of Kurds gathered yesterday in Paris. They situated themselves in front of the offices of a Kurdish association, where the bodies of three women had been found Wednesday January 9. The crime presented itself as anything but random – according to a police source, two of the women had […]