5 Parisian Realities That Could Disappoint You, If You’re Not Prepared For Them

Who wouldn’t want to live in Paris? I wanted it so badly that I jumped at the first chance the opportunity presented itself to me: a semester exchange at Sciences Po, one of the prestigious grandes ecoles. I found out that I was accepted for the study abroad program a year in advance and this […]

French Government Urges Hospitality

When it comes to tourism, France enjoys a reputation for elegance in its arts and architecture, finesse in its cuisine, and romance in its streets. This reputation attracts millions of travelers to the City of Love and to the French countryside. Unfortunately, France does not enjoy a reputation for hospitality. Neighboring countries often comically mock […]

Club Med to Come Under Chinese Management

French resort giant Club Méditerranée, better known as Club Med, has officially come under Chinese management. The 556.89 million euro deal was sealed last week, when the central French market authority, the Autorité des Marchés Financiers, approved the takeover at 17.5 euros per share—a markup from the original 17 euro offer made two months ago. […]