Teaching of “Gender Theory” Causes Controversy in French Schools

Over the past week, a small movement in the French school system has caused a large stir. On Friday, January 24and Monday, January 27, schools across the country saw a dip in attendance, the result of boycotts stemming from parental concern over the alleged teaching of “gender theory” in schools. According to a Le Monde […]

European Court of Justice Strikes Down Two Session Strasbourg Week

Those hoping to see the European Parliament discontinue its “two-seat” system were dealt a blow Thursday 13 December, as the European Court of Justice ruled that the Parliament’s plan to condense its mandatory number of meetings in Strasbourg by holding two plenary sessions in one week was against treaty provisions. The challenge, brought by France […]

Strasbourg World Forum: Debates on the Status and Definition of Democracy

Strasbourg, France was host to the Council of Europe’s first World Forum for Democracy, held for five consecutive days in early October.  The Council of Europe, not to be confused with the European Council, exclusively fights for human rights and freedoms around the world.  The Forum brought together 47 member states and most importantly, many […]