Bonnets Rouges Fight Against Unpopular Eco-tax

A movement calling itself the bonnets rouges (red caps) has emerged in France in the last month, in response to the impending establishment of the eco-tax. The group’s name refers to a very well known a revolt in Brittany – and symbol of the fight against taxes and for social equality – during the reign […]

French Egg Farmers Protest Drop in Prices, Government Inaction

When faced with falling produce prices, silence was not an option for French farmers. Last week, French egg producers smashed thousands of eggs on the streets in response to a lowering of egg prices. This year, their eggs are worth only 70 euro cents (94 US cents) per kilogram, down from 1.10 euros in 2012. […]

French Council of State Allows Genetically-Modified Corn to Return to France

On Thursday, August 1, the Conseil d’Etat (Council of State), France’s highest administrative jurisdiction, lifted the ban on the genetically modified (GM) corn, MON810 grown by Monsanto. The ruling was based on case law from the EU’s court of justice, which clearly states, “such a measure cannot be taken by a member state except for […]

Attack on Chinese Oenology Students is Latest Tension Between France and China

An attack on six Chinese oenology students in Bordeaux last Friday has caused an international row, raising concern among French vintners about negative effects on the Sino-French wine trade. The six students, all in their early twenties, were studying wine-making at the Château la Tour Blanche vineyard. They were reportedly attacked in their residence in […]

Something Fishy: More Scandal to Taint French Food Industries

In the midst of the Spanghero horsemeat scandal that has tarnished the French food service industry, a new crisis has arisen that has evoked complaints from consumers and organizations alike.  In 2001, the European Union passed a law making it illegal to feed farmed fish using flour (or meal) made from animal meat. This law was […]