What the Cabinet Shake-Up Reveals about the Flaws of the Fifth Republic

On Monday, August 25, the cabinet of Prime Minister Manuel Valls was dismissed and a new cabinet was formed the following day. Valls has been Prime Minister for less than six months. The cabinet dismissal occurred in reaction to the public opposition of Economy Minister Arnaud Montebourg and other ministers to the economic policies of President […]

The War of the Roses: Cabinet Shake Up Reflects Dissension Amid Socialists

“Should we now apologize for being on the left?” asked now former Minister of Culture Aurélie Filippetti. Those words could aptly describe the political earthquake that shook the French government on Tuesday, when French Prime Minister Manuel Valls proclaimed a new list of cabinet ministers. Valls was designated PM just six months ago following the socialist […]

A Deeper Look at the PS Congress

On October 27, at the opening of the congress of the Parti Socialiste (PS) in Toulouse, Martine Aubry stepped down as the First Secretary of the PS. Before leaving the party she said, “ I am proud and happy to have a united socialist party so that our government succeeds.” Harlem Désir succeeded Martine Aubry, […]