New Eco-tax Results in Protests

Traffic ground to a halt the morning of Saturday, November 16 on several French highways as road-freight organizations protested against the new eco-tax. Over 300 trucks blocked traffic, surrounding the food market giant Rungis just outside Paris. Protest traffic jams also formed south of Lyon, as well as near Toulouse, Bordeaux, and Lille. The protests […]

Xenophobia Continues to be Pervading Problem in France

Xenophobia and anti-Islamic sentiment have been on the rise in Europe, and France is no stranger to this trend. Racism in public discourse has become especially conspicuous in recent years.  In the political arena, politicians are no strangers to dealing with xenophobia. This turmoil can be attributed in part to the influx of immigrants from […]

Questions remain after Trappes riots, sentencing

A French court has sentenced a 19-year-old rioter to six months in prison, making him the first person to be convicted in connection with this week’s civil unrest in Trappes. The primarily working class commune, home to many North African Muslim immigrants, became the latest scene of violent clashes between the police and banlieu youths, […]

Sarkozy’s Campaign Funds Invalidated

In what is proving to be a tumultuous week for France’s most prominent politicians, former president Nicolas Sarkozy’s 2012 presidential election campaign accounts were invalidated by the Constitutional Council on Thursday, July 4. Since losing his bid for reelection last spring, Sarkozy has been dogged by legal issues regarding his campaign. The Commission des Comptes […]

CEO of Orange Stéphane Richard Next in a String of Investigations into the Tapie Affair

Orange CEO Stéphane Richard was indicted Wednesday in connection to the Tapie-Crédit Lyonnais case that awarded businessman Bernard Tapie over 403 million euros with interest for the sale of Adidas. During the time of the private arbitration in 2008, Richard was chief of staff to then-Minister of Economy Christine Lagarde in charge of maintaining records […]

Happy Anniversary, Mr. President!

Last week, the French President celebrated his first anniversary in the Elysée Palace, the heart of the Republic. However, after one year in power, Hollande’s approval ratings reached the lowest point ever for a French President, the economy has entered into recession and society is divided on the new law authorizing marriage and adoption for […]

Judge in Sarkozy Case Receives Death Threat

The main judge presiding over the case investigating former French President Nicolas Sarkozy for taking advantage of elderly French billionaire, Liliane Bettencourt, received a death threat on Wednesday, March 27.  The letter, along with several blank gun cartridges, was sent to Jean-Michel Gentil’s office in Bordeaux.  Other magistrates were threatened as well, according to spokesperson […]

Sarkozy Keeps Return to Politics as Option

Ten months after his decision not to involve himself  in French politics anymore, former president Nicolas Sarkozy announced that his return in politics could in fact be a possibility. This announcement happened at the same time former Prime Minister François Fillon announced his candidacy for the 2016 presidential UMP primary. However, Sarkozy presented his decision a […]

UMP to Implement Agreement, Party Left With Tarnished Reputation

PARIS. – Last year, the UMP wore itself out as a dispute over who would become the new head of the party dragged on for three weeks without any resolution. The declared winner, Jean-François Copé, wouldn’t budge, and poll favorite, François Fillon, left the UMP group at the National Assembly. He created RUMP (rassemblement-UMP), taking […]

Hollande May Not Implement 75% Tax

The newspapers Les Échos and Le Figaro recently revealed that the French government was about to reduce the scope of what is probably Hollande’s most symbolic measure: his 75% tax on income above €1 million. Many commentators are already talking about a tax that has been emptied of its force.   The government has not […]