Ryanair Charged with Illegal Employment

Following a three-year investigation, the court of Aix-en-Provence reached a final decision on a case involving Irish airline Ryanair and its alleged illegal business on French soil from 2007 to 2010. The low-cost, discount airline had personnel based in Marseille, working under Irish contracts, but was not a registered business in France. The company was […]

Air France & CityJet To Face the Court of Appeals in Paris

After news of Ryanair’s violations of French labor laws was released last week, Air France and its Irish subsidiary CityJet will now take their turn in court for similar violations. While Ryanair is accused of additional infringements, in both cases the companies applied Irish law to their contracts with French employees in order to social […]

Ryanair Risks Fines of up to 225,000 Euros and the Loss of Four Airplanes for Violating French Labor Laws

The prosecutor of the criminal court of Aix-en-Provence requested on Friday, May 31 that the discount Irish airline, Ryanair, be fined the maximum 225,000 euros in penalties, in addition to the confiscation of four of the company’s Boeing 737 aircrafts as property payment. The charges are the result of what French courts have deemed “illegal” conduction of business in […]