Sarkoleaks: Recordings of Meetings from Sarkozy’s Presidency Leaked to Press

LONDON – The era of privacy is definitely coming to an end. After the NSA leaks and the ensuing revelations, the French press has been taken aback since Wednesday over the scandal that has already dubbed “Sarkoleaks.” The newspaper Le Canard Enchainé and the website Atlantico revealed that Patrick Buisson, a special counsellor to former […]

France Denies the Right to ‘Sexual Assistance’ for Severely Handicapped Individuals

On Monday, March 11, the National Consulting Committee of Ethics (NCCE), formulated a response to the following question: Should severely handicapped individuals with hindered sexuality reserve the right to be helped by specialized professionals? The blunt answer was no. However, the Committee brought up this question as a result of Roselyne Bachelot, the Health Minister […]

The “Jospin Commission”: The Controversy Inside and Out

“There are rules that are in demand because we are in a difficult period and that there is a moral requirement, renovation (…) when the Republic is elected, there must be rules as appropriate. ” These are the words of the President July 14 when he announced the creation of a Commission for the Moralization […]