Mayor of Nice Targets Roma in Racialized “Call to Revolt”

Christian Estrosi, the mayor of Nice and prominent member of the Union pour un mouvement populaire (UMP), presented on Sunday his instructions for “subduing” the gens du voyage, or travelers, as the Roma are often called. His proposal consists of installing surveillance cameras in Roma camps, reviving registration plates, and even enforcing a judiciary procedure […]

In Wake of Deadly Blaze, Unanswered Questions Over Romani

A fire on May 13 killed at least three in an abandoned Lyon warehouse serving as a camp for about 200 Romani, adding fuel to the debate in France over how to house members of the semi-nomadic minority. The fire has underscored the unsafe conditions that are rampant in such squatter camps, and renewed long-standing questions […]

Roma Evacuations Across France Leave Policy Questions Unanswered

After a period of relative calm at the end of 2012, Sarkozy-like evacuations of the Roma have sprung up throughout France in the new year. Commonly known as “gypsies,” the Roma are a nomadic group originating mainly from Romania and Bulgaria. They are often the topic of extremely tense debates centering on immigration and government […]