Minister of Interior Valls faces Criticism from Right in wake of Train Attack

Last month, on Saturday, March 16, a group of twenty young people attacked several RER D train carriages – public transportation that links the city of Paris and its outskirts – at the ‘Grigny Centre’ station. The train was headed towards Essonne, a notoriously dangerous part of the Ile-de-France region. At around 10:00 in the […]

Laïcité and Baby-Loup Revisited

On Tuesday, March 19, France’s Cour de Cassation (Court of Cassation) overturned previous rulings on the Baby-Loup case, declaring the dismissal of Fatima Afif to be religious discrimination. This decision revives unsolved disputes on laïcité (secularism) in France, and raises the question of how to maintain the principle of a secular state without infringing on […]

PS Candidate Loses in First Round Vote to UMP and FN

France’s Parti socialiste (PS) was eliminated in a by-election March 17 for the MP of the Oise constituency, a region to the north of Paris. The Union pour un Mouvement Populaire (UMP) and Front national (FN) candidates will face off in another round of voting for the seat. The PS candidate, Sylvie Houssin, came in […]

UMP Proposes Amendment to Gay Marriage Bill

The fight for same-sex marriage and adoption in France is far from over, as evidenced by the struggle between the Parti Socialiste (PS) and the Union pour un mouvement populaire (UMP). On January 8 Christian Jacob, president of the UMP in the French National Assembly, announced a motion for an amendment to the marriage equality […]

Half-Satisfying Victory for Harlem Désir, Likely Head of the PS

According to the polls released on October 12th, Harlem Désir will soon become the head of the Parti Socialiste (PS), with the support of 68.42% of the socialist militants supporters and assuming an electoral turn out of about 50%.  The result, though a success, was considerably lower than expected. Members of Désir’s staff had predicted […]

Still Declining Approval Rating for Hollande and Ayrault

On October 7th, Le Metro, a popular daily newspaper, reported Francois Hollande’s public approval rating at 42% of which 49% actually claim they are displeased by the president of the French Republic. His prime minister, Marc Ayrault, even more unpopular, was given an approval rating of only 40%, and 45% are discontent with him. These […]

The Intriguing Mr. Valls

Watched closely by the media, endorsed by the right, and cautiously observed by the left, Interior Minister Manuel Valls is an intriguing figure. While the President and Prime Minister decline in popularity, Valls remains the most appreciated French Socialist minister out there. During the summer session at La Rochelle University, he was applauded, despite being […]

Taubira Announces Equal Rights for Same-Sex Couples, Controversy Ensues from Both Sides

In an interview for the French newspaper La Croix, the Minister of Justice, Christiane Taubira, announced that gay couples would be granted the complete equality regarding their legal rights compared to straight couples. The statement triggered a storm of criticisms even from the supporters of the law. On September 11th, Christiane Taubira announced that the […]

The Parti Socialiste Chooses Désir as President

This morning September 12, after a series of negotiations during its Congress in Toulouse, the Parti Socialiste (PS) has chosen Harlem Désir to succeed Martine Aubry as head of the PS. Former number 2 of the party, Désir was one of the favorites for this position, along with Jean Christophe Cambadélis. With support from powerful ministers, such […]

Socialist Party to Choose New Leader

The question of who will succeed Martine Aubry as the leader of the Parti Socialiste (PS) is the one that is currently occupying all of its members. Aubry, the current First Secretary of the party, announced at the summer forum in La Rochelle that she would not apply for a second term. So far, two candidates are favored: Harlem […]