French Authorities Tread Lightly as Others Confirm Death of Al-Qaeda Leader

The cyber world is afloat with rumors. Is Abou Zeid dead? According to Algerian television and Chadian President Idriss Debry, Abou Zeid, leader of Al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM), has died in a French military operation along with 42 other al-Qaeda terrorists. French authorities have yet to comment and corroborate that DNA tests confirmed […]

French Economist Esther Duflo to Advise Obama

France’s very own Esther Duflo, an accomplished economist, stands to be appointed to Barack Obama’s Global Development Council to advise the President on global development policies and practices. Contention has arisen domestically, however, with some convinced that her talents should be applied in her native France. Duflo will be one of twelve members of the […]