Not So Perfect: Betting Scandal Tarnishes Handball Image

The world of handball is has been through a lot these last few weeks. Since September 25th, several players on the French champion Montpellier have been suspected of fixing one of their games last May, winning up to €250,000, a massive amount of money for handball players. The players, along with other who bet on […]

Sad Summer for Women Part 2

The Cecile Duflot case has not been the only attack on women in France in recent months. In the spring, the Constitutional Council – the French equivalent to the Supreme Court – annulled the law banning sexual harassment on the grounds that the concept was badly defined. This decision was unanimously criticized, as the Council […]

The Lost Spirit of the Olympics

Bread and Games. That was the Roman emperors’ recipe to keep the people happy. In some way, we have lowered our expectations since that period, as we now have to work to win our bread. Now, our satisfaction is guaranteed through the Games only. For fifteen days, the world was turned towards London and as we watched thousands […]