Anticapitalist Party Holds Congress in Attempt to Restore Image

The Nouveau Parti Anticapitaliste (NPA) was created in 2009, two years after the 2007 presidential election. At this time, Olivier Besancenot, current leader of the NPA, was the candidate of the Ligue Communiste Révolutionnaire (LCR) and won 4% of the vote. The NPA was created by forming an alliance between the LCR and various other […]

France Anti-Capitalist Party Holds Gathering

PARIS. –They were all here: Olivier Besancenot, Christine Poupin, and Philippe Poutou, as well as some special guests, assembled for the first meeting of their party the Nouveau Parti Anticapitaliste (NPA) since President François Hollande’s election. The motto was “From the right-wing to the left one, we fight austerity!” Among the main speakers were Guillaume, a railway […]