Far-Right FN Leads in French EU Electoral Results

Euroskeptics : FN (National Front) 25% (23-25 seats) Conservatives : UMP (Union for a Popular Movement) 20% Social-democrats : PS 14% Liberals : UDI/Modem 10% Greens : EELV 8% Radical left : FG 6% Participation is around 39%, up five points from 2009.

Who Knew? – More People Found to be in the Know about Cahuzac’s Foreign Bank Accounts

Philippe Pénique, a former lawyer, assured the press on April 4, 2013 that he had absolutely no knowledge that Cahuzac opened an account at UBS in 1992. Pénique, who actually opened the account for Cahuzac and is close to the President of the National Front (a nationalistic political party), now finds himself in the heart […]