French Council of State Allows Genetically-Modified Corn to Return to France

On Thursday, August 1, the Conseil d’Etat (Council of State), France’s highest administrative jurisdiction, lifted the ban on the genetically modified (GM) corn, MON810 grown by Monsanto. The ruling was based on case law from the EU’s court of justice, which clearly states, “such a measure cannot be taken by a member state except for […]

Anti-GMO Activists Protest at a Monsanto Construction Site

Early Monday morning, approximately 100 anti-GMO activists arrived at the site of American giant Monsanto in Trèbes, in the Aude region of France. They rolled out banners stating, “OGM = menace à tout le vivant,” meaning “GMOs = threat to all living things,” and “60 plus de silos = plus de pesticides et moins d’abeilles,” […]

CRIIGEN Publishes Results of Study on Genetically Modified Corn

On September 18, the CRIIGEN, a genetics research committee, published the results of an alarming study in an American newspaper “Food and Chemical Toxicology.” The study proved that feeding rats genetically modified (GM) corn over a two-year period yielded a frighteningly high death rate for the subjects. It is the first study carried out longer […]