Passover in Paris, and the Slow Destruction of French Social Harmony

Paris. – Last week, the Jewish celebration of the Passover holiday rekindled tensions that have recently divided Jewish and Muslim communities in Paris. Public celebration elicited visible hostility in the streets of the 19tharrondissement, a neighborhood that contains one of the largest Jewish communities in France. Following a period abroad in New York, the neighborhood […]

A Year After Merah: Hollande Attends Ceremony in Toulouse

PARIS. – On March 17, François Hollande was in Toulouse for the first anniversary of Mohammed Merah’s murders in the French southern cities of Montauban and Toulouse. The French president delivered a speech that was not as conventional as expected, with many political implications. In  Toulouse’s main square, mayor Pierre Cohen, and François Hollande delivered […]

“Scooter killer” Continues to Haunt Franco-Israeli Relations

The “scooter killer” whose actions shook France  since Francois Hollande’s election last spring continues to dictate French-Israeli relations, long after his death on March 22 of this year. Franco-Algerian terrorist Mohammed Merah brutally assassinated three children and Rabbi Jonathan Sandler outside the Jewish school Otzar Hatorah in Toulouse, after having killed three soldiers in Montauban. […]

Muslim Fundamentalists of Alleged Terrorist Cell Arrested

On Saturday October 6, a man was shot down and 11 others, all suspected of terrorism, were arrested and placed into custody. The arrests were a direct consequence of a police investigation triggered by an attack against a Jewish shop on September 19. Three policemen were injured lightly in trying to arrest the leader of […]