America’s “Patent Trolls” on the Move to Europe?

For today’s largest companies, especially those in the technology sector, patent wars are an increasingly prevalent and expensive reality. Many patent wars last many years and have an effect that has consequences across continents. Recently, patents have composed a major topic of discussion, as the European Parliament’s decision to propose a unified patent court system […]

French Prosecutors to Investigate US Surveillance Activities

The Paris prosecutor’s office revealed on Wednesday that it is running a preliminary investigation into complaints of criminal wrongdoing connected to the United States’ PRISM spying program. The inquiry—begun on July 16—is addressing allegations of fraudulent access to data systems, illegal collection of personal data, violation of privacy, and breach of confidentiality of correspondence, according […]

French, American Ad Giants to Merge

The merger of French and American agencies Publicis Groupe and Omnicom Group will create the largest advertising firm in the world, with a combined 35.6% of market share. The move, confirmed on Sunday but long rumored, represents an enormous change in the marketing business, and has provoked intense reactions from all areas of the industry, […]