A Year After Merah: Hollande Attends Ceremony in Toulouse

PARIS. – On March 17, François Hollande was in Toulouse for the first anniversary of Mohammed Merah’s murders in the French southern cities of Montauban and Toulouse. The French president delivered a speech that was not as conventional as expected, with many political implications. In  Toulouse’s main square, mayor Pierre Cohen, and François Hollande delivered […]

Merah’s Sister Declares She is “Proud” of Her Brother, New Controversy Ensues

PARIS — In a recent article for La Jeune Politique, Sophie Prach declared firmly that, “in true French fashion, the Merah case will neither be forgiven nor forgotten.” Her statement could not be truer today, as the quote rightfully states, Mohamed Merah’s sister has become the center of a political turmoil. In March 2012, Mohamed Merah shot down […]