Live Blog: Municipal Elections 2014 Round 2

Welcome to the LJP Live Blog for the second and final round of the French Municipal Elections! For additional information, be sure to check out our previous coverage: See the results of last Sunday’s first round here. Map of the elections in nearly 50 cities across France. An analysis on the municipal elections in Paris. […]

Live Blog: 2014 Municipal Elections

Today, French voters take to the polls for the first round of municipal elections. Follow along as we liveblog the results! For additional information, be sure to check out our previous coverage: Map of the elections in nearly 50 cities across France. An analysis on the municipal elections in Paris. Information on the French municipal […]

Marseille and Colombes Find Themselves Caught Between Drug-Dealing Gangs

On Tuesday, September 3, 2013, a shootout transpired in the late afternoon in Colombes, France, a town located in the Hauts-de-Seine region of Paris. Tuesday’s shootout involved a group of young men who shot at a man driving a vehicle. The conflict was subsequent to a clash of a similar nature occurring less than 24 […]

Hollande’s Marseille Visit Draws Criticism

“At one moment, we must also face the wind… to be on all of the oceans, to be capable of taking the most adventurous course,” proclaimed President François Hollande to the people of Marseille at the inauguration of ship-owner CMA CGM’s largest container ship, the Jules Verne, on Tuesday, June 4. With this metaphor for […]

Ryanair Risks Fines of up to 225,000 Euros and the Loss of Four Airplanes for Violating French Labor Laws

The prosecutor of the criminal court of Aix-en-Provence requested on Friday, May 31 that the discount Irish airline, Ryanair, be fined the maximum 225,000 euros in penalties, in addition to the confiscation of four of the company’s Boeing 737 aircrafts as property payment. The charges are the result of what French courts have deemed “illegal” conduction of business in […]

Corruption Discovered in Marseille Anti-Crime Brigade

On October 2nd, seven policemen in the Marseille anti-crime brigade (BAC) were arrested and five others were placed under judicial control because of the suspicion of involvement with stolen money and drug dealers. Manuel Valls, Interior Minister, announced that he suspended them from their functions and that the North BAC day team, to which the […]

Breaking the Cycle of Violence, New Perspectives for Marseille

On September 6th, the French Prime Minister Jean-Marc Ayrault summoned around 15 ministers for a special meeting regarding the city of Marseille, where recurring violence between criminal bands has drawn the country’s attention. A burned corpse found in Marseille on September 3rd triggered controversies and a flow of criticism against the government. It is believed […]

France Announces New Urban Renewal Plan

On August 22 François Lamy, Junior Minister for Urban Affairs, announced a new plan for urban renewal that will focus on the areas experiencing the greatest difficulty. The new plan is expected to be carried out in the first half of 2013. The new program (PNRU- National Project for Urban Renewal) will be directed by the […]

Camus Exhibit Sparks Controversy

The planning of an exhibit about Albert Camus has brought on an intellectual controversy that combines politics, history, and literature. While Marseille prepares to become the European Capital of Culture for 2013, Aix-en-Provence has dedicated an exhibit to the famous French writer and philosopher, Albert Camus. Michel Onfray, a philosopher who is well known in […]