Sarkozy speaks out amidst series of scandals

For the first time since he lost his reelection campaign in 2012, former French President Nicolas Sarkozy has given a public statement defending himself in the wake of a series of political scandals that have plagued him since he left office. He published an address in Le Figaro on March 21, criticizing the actions of […]

Massive Strike at Libération

London – A crisis started last week in the headquarters of Libération, one of France’s main newspapers, and has been ongoing since. Libération is suffering from a growing schism between its staff and shareholders due to the announced plans of major restructuring. The strike from the staff began after the announcement of a major restructuring […]

Debate Over Secularism and Religious Signs at French Universities

A report issued on August 6 by France’s High Council for Integration (HCI) has proposed the extension of the ban of religious dress and symbols in French university classrooms. The proposed law, which applies to all objects and activities of religious expression, specifically affects women of the Muslim faith wearing headscarves or hijabs. Continuing a […]

Adobe Buys Paris-based Neolane for $600 Million

French company Neolane Inc. has made a name for itself in the digital marketing world since 2001. The company provides tools that allow marketers to generate, optimize and orchestrate communication and marketing campaigns. The company utilizes several platforms such as the internet, email, social, mobile devices, call centers, direct mail, and point of sale. Graphic-design […]

Offshore Leaks

The current Cazhuac story has shed light on an organization that collaborates 160 reporters, has more than 2.5 million analyzed documents, and logs a long list of offshore companies and tax havens used by the wealthy worldwide. With Wikileaks and Vatileaks not far off in our memories, Offshore Leaks is the newest global scandal. Yesterday, […]