France Calls for Action in Syria after Reports of Devastating Chemical Attack

With reports from Syria of a devastating chemical attack making headlines around the world, the French government has sent Syrian President Bashar al-Assad the sternest warnings yet. Now, the question is if those warnings will translate into military action. If Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius’ recent statements represent the general mood of President François Hollande’s administration, […]

France Leads European Union in Condemnation of Violence in Egypt

Recent events in Egypt have provoked a torrent of condemnation from the European Union, particularly in France, as President François Hollande warns of an impending “civil war.” Officials in Paris have also indicated that they are  contemplating evacuating tourists and Berlin has cut all aid to the divided country. Paris intensified its efforts to avoid […]

Fabius Concludes State Visit to Indonesia on Note of Unity

Concluding the first French state visit to Indonesia in 17 years, Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius spoke optimistically of a more “united” European Union and South Asian region to Indonesian government officials on Friday, August 2. Fabius spent two days in Jakarta, the nation’s capital, in order to help strengthen French economic relations with the nation. […]

France Cautiously Watches as Egyptian Turmoil Deepens

Speaking from a state visit to Tunisia, French President François Hollande addressed the populist military coup that has ousted Egyptian president Mohamed Morsi. While President Hollande refrained from directly condemning the coup, he urged the Egyptian military to respect the democratic process, and expressed his hope for a return to civilian rule in the country. […]

Snowden Case: France Apologizes for Denying Airspace to Bolivian President

Bolivian President Evo Morales was forced to land in Austria on Wednesday after his plane was denied entry into France as a result of the growing suspicion that the plane was carrying the United States fugitive, Edward Snowden.  Before leaving Moscow, where he was attending a summit of natural-gas producing countries, Morales declared that he […]

Transitioning from AFISMA to a United Nations Stabilization Operation MINUSMA

Thursday April 25, the Security Council of the United Nations unanimously approved a resolution put forward by the French government to bring in a UN peacekeeping force for Mali as of the July 1. Within the next 60 days the UN shall determine the area’s state of security is adequate to allow for their deployment […]

EU Considers Lifting Syrian Oil, Arms Embargoes

On Monday, April 22, European Ministers of Foreign Affairs met in Luxembourg to revise their decisions pertaining to the embargo on Syrian petroleum products. The goal of these revisions is to aid the civilian population, which has been greatly impacted by civil war in a country wrought with violence. According to a text released from […]

Car Explodes Outside of French Embassy in Libya

Tuesday, April 23, a car exploded outside of the French Embassy in Tripoli in what appears to be the first terrorist attack against foreign diplomats since Muammar el-Gaddafi was removed from power in 2011. The explosion leveled the embassy’s reception area on the ground floor and damaged nearby residences and shops. The blast has not […]

Mission Accomplished: Relief as Hostage Family Returns to France

On Friday, April 19, Paul Biya, the President of Cameroon, announced the liberation of the seven French hostages that had been held captive for two months. The group consisted of Tanguy Moulin-Fournier, his brother Cyril, his wife and four sons, ranging from five to twelve years old. Tanguy is an expatriate employee of GDF Suez, […]

Syria: to Ban or Not to Ban?

On Friday, March 15, France joined Britain in calling to lift the arms embargo on Syria. Two years into the Syrian civil war, European delegates fear that lifting the ban could help escalate the tumultuous situation on the ground. France explained their denunciation of the ban, explaining that France “cannot allow a people to be […]