France’s Main Union of Employers Selects New Leader

The organization ‘Movement des Enterprises de France’ (MEDEF), France’s largest representative of employers, elected a new President on July 3. Pierre Gattaz, the new leader, is the 53-year-old CEO of hundred million dollar revenue company Radial, an electronic component manufacturer, and was elected with 95 % of the vote. Gattaz replaces Laurence Parisot at the […]

Moscovici Announces No Limit on CEO Salaries

Setting a limit on the income of the CEOs of public companies was one of the most symbolic and awaited of the propositions François Hollande made during his presidential campaign. The intention was to set the maximum income at 450,000 euros per year, as was published in a government decree July 26, 2012. This initiative […]

What You Missed in March

The end of diesel? Debate around car industry (March 3) French ministers are debating raising taxes on diesel.  The 18 cent difference between a liter of gas and diesel—and World Health Organization reports about the carcinogenic effects of diesel—have deterred the government from wanting to continue support of the industry.  The projected 7 billion euro […]

Montebourg Clashes With Titan

On Tuesday, February 19, the French newspaper Les Echos triggered a clash between the French government and the tire company Titan with the publication of a polemical letter from its CEO, Maurice M. Taylor, Jr., known as “the Grizz.” In the letter, Taylor, former candidate for the Republican nomination in 1996, criticized the workers of […]

Medef Holds Summer Forum

At the Medef (Movement of Enterprises in France) summer forum, employers are worried and the government remains unable to reassure them. The traditional summer forum of Medef, the French Employers Union, was held August 29-31 in Jouey-en-Josas on the campus of the prestigious business school HEC. The theme of this year: integration. Over the course […]