Laïcité and Baby-Loup Revisited

On Tuesday, March 19, France’s Cour de Cassation (Court of Cassation) overturned previous rulings on the Baby-Loup case, declaring the dismissal of Fatima Afif to be religious discrimination. This decision revives unsolved disputes on laïcité (secularism) in France, and raises the question of how to maintain the principle of a secular state without infringing on […]

Opinion: France’s Issues with Secularism

Several recent events brought French issues regarding religion back into the forefront. Debates and events regarding the French relationship with religion seem to have accumulated easily in the last few years. One of the latest, the International Football Federation has allowed women soccer players to wear veils during games, creating a huge scandal in France. […]

The European Court Defends French Jehovah’s Witnesses

On June 30, the European Human Rights Court published a resolution asserting that France does not respect the 9th article of the European Convention on Religious Freedom. Their claim has a direct link with a recent dispute which put the French government and the Jehovah’s Witnesses in opposition. Once again, France finds itself at odds […]