Lessons on Sexual Assault from Across the Pond

On September 30, a 16-year-old girl was raped from behind in her high school bathroom in Western France. Because it was dark, the girl was unable to identify her attacker, but a genetic profile was extracted from her clothes. When authorities were unable to find a match in the national database, they decided to do […]

Mass DNA Testing Ordered Following High School Rape

The Justice Department has ordered a DNA test for 527 males, both adults and minors, in the private high school Fénelon-Notre-Dame, located in downtown La Rochelle in western France. The DNA test, which began Monday April 14, is part of an ongoing rape investigation of an incident that occurred at Fénelon-Notre-Dame last year. On Sept. […]

Young, Socialists and Enthusiasts: What We Forgot to See in La Rochelle

There is another side to the rallies at La Rochelle, often forgotten by the media. It is the side that belongs to the activists. These people whose names we may not know often consider these rallies as a celebration of their common ideals, and, at the same time, as a way to renew an ideological […]