Exclusive Interview with Kader Arif, Minister for Veteran Affairs: Part Three

La Jeune Politique’s reporter Hugo Argenton sat down for half an hour with Kader Arif, Minister of Veteran Affairs. In the last section of this three-part interview, the Minister discussed the first six months of the Ayrault government and Arif’s own future. LJP: Jean-Marc Ayrault’s government has known difficult beginnings regarding public opinion. Even though […]

Exclusive Interview with Kader Arif, Minister for Veteran Affairs

On Saturday November 17, La Jeune Politique sat down with Minister for Veteran Affairs, Kader Arif. In the first part of this exclusive interview, Arif talks about his political career.  Minister, thank you for giving us this interview. Let’s begin by the origins of your career as a politician. How does one become a Minister? […]