Survey Results: French Anti-Semitism Sparks Jewish Interest in Emigrating?

Nearly three-quarters of surveyed French Jews last month stated that they are leaning towards emigration. 29.9 percent of this 74.2 percent mentioned a desire to escape anti-Semitism, while another 24.4 percent cited a wish to “preserve their Judaism.” Seven and a half percent cited “economic considerations,” while another 12.4 percent simply felt drawn to other […]

Le Pen Proposes Forbidding both the Veil and Kippah in Public

It is a rare thing when Judaism and Islam have something in common politically, but in France the two are currently sharing the honor of Marine Le Pen’s latest attack victims. On September 21st Marine le Pen, leader of the Front National, France’s right-wing, neo-fascist party, told the French newspaper “Le Monde” that if she were […]