Hollande’s 75% Income Tax Plan Receives Final Blow

The French State Council (Counseil d’Etat ) objected to President François Hollande’s controversial 75% top-margin income tax reform plan last Thursday, declaring that the tax could not exceed 66.66% without being “confiscatory.” Finance Minister Pierre Moscovici released on Friday the government’s acknowledgement and acceptance of their advice. The 75% tax would have only been imposed […]

The Upcoming French Mayoral Elections: A Reader’s Digest Version

Although 2013 is just getting started, Parisian politicians have already begun their preparations for the 2014 Paris municipal elections. Candidates from the two popular political parties, the leftist Parti Socialiste (PS) and the center-right Union pour un Mouvement Populaire (UMP), must first win their individual primary elections in order to continue on to the 2014 […]

Minister of Health Wants to Experiment with Supervised Injection Sites

Marisol Touraine, French Minister of Health, announced on October 21st that she was “hoping” that France could start experimenting supervised injection sites (SIS), otherwise known as “shooting galleries,” or salles de shoot in French, by the end of 2013. She asserted that she had the support of several cities in the country that were willing […]

France Debates New Law Taxing Cigarette Profits

The right to smoke despite significant proven health risks has been a long-standing three-way battle between cigarette companies, governments, and smokers themselves. It is not always clear where to place the responsibility for the 5.4 million people who die worldwide each year from tobacco-related illnesses. In France, tobacco-use is responsible for 60,000 deaths each year. […]