Minister of Interior Valls faces Criticism from Right in wake of Train Attack

Last month, on Saturday, March 16, a group of twenty young people attacked several RER D train carriages – public transportation that links the city of Paris and its outskirts – at the ‘Grigny Centre’ station. The train was headed towards Essonne, a notoriously dangerous part of the Ile-de-France region. At around 10:00 in the […]

Counter Powers: Democracy in Action

Simply speaking, it was an exciting week in French politics. In less than seven days, the majority didn’t qualify for the second round of a by-election, the Budget Minister was forced to resign, and a motion of no confidence, rejected by the Parliament and the former President of the Republic, was put under formal investigation […]

Nicolas Sarkozy under Investigation in Bettencourt Scandal

Former French President Nicolas Sarkozy has been accused of accepting millions of euros from the 90-year-old L’Oréal Heiress, Liliane Bettencourt, for his 2007 election campaign. He allegedly took advantage of Bettencourt’s deteriorating mental state and solicited her for funds to finance his campaign. While an investigation into the legality of Sarkozy’s campaign finances began in […]

Sarkozy Keeps Return to Politics as Option

Ten months after his decision not to involve himself  in French politics anymore, former president Nicolas Sarkozy announced that his return in politics could in fact be a possibility. This announcement happened at the same time former Prime Minister François Fillon announced his candidacy for the 2016 presidential UMP primary. However, Sarkozy presented his decision a […]

7,500 Jobs Lost in France Due to Renault’s New Measures

Renault’s announcement January 15 to cut 7,500 people from its workforce puts the company in a group of European automakers who are all struggling in the post-recession economy.  As demand for automobiles has fallen, sales and profits have followed suit, and companies are finding ways to deal with the problem. Blame for the drop in […]

UMP to Implement Agreement, Party Left With Tarnished Reputation

PARIS. – Last year, the UMP wore itself out as a dispute over who would become the new head of the party dragged on for three weeks without any resolution. The declared winner, Jean-François Copé, wouldn’t budge, and poll favorite, François Fillon, left the UMP group at the National Assembly. He created RUMP (rassemblement-UMP), taking […]

UMP Comes to Agreement Over Leadership

Following November’s election to determine the head of France’s right-of-center political party, the Union for a Popular Movement (UMP), candidates Jean-François Copé and François Fillon have finally come to an agreement to resolve the disputed outcome. Copé, currently the mayor of Meaux, France and legislative deputy for the 6th constituency of Seine-et-Marne, won last month’s […]

Legislative By-Elections: A Warning for the PS?

On Sunday December 9, the Parti Socialiste (PS) suffered an alarming defeat in the legislative by-elections. The voters of three constituencies were called again to elect their representatives, 6 months after the general legislatives elections took place. In all the constituencies concerned, the PS is in a jeopardized position. French commentators and politicians could not help using […]

UMP Divides Along Copé-Fillon Lines as Standstill Continues

The battle for the head of the UMP has been raging on for well over two weeks, but despite attemps at mediation, negotiations have not gotten very far. A new meeting scheduled for Wednesday has been cancelled by Jean-François Copé ,who said he was not available. François Fillon’s entourage claims he is actually just trying to play […]

The Issue by Numbers