Google Reaches Advertising Agreement with French Press

After two months of tense negotiations, Google has finally reached an agreement with French press that will allow the French press to access Google’s advertising platforms at a reduced cost. Previously, the French press had been aiming to propose a law that would require search engines to pay royalties every time Google News cited French […]

French state claims €1 billion in taxes from Google

While the President of the French Republic, François Hollande, and the executive chairman of Google debated over the creation of a “Google tax”, the French direction générale des Impôts(the nation’s central governmental tax agency) sent a registered letter to Google last week asking for €1 billion in back taxes over its profits for the last four […]

Google, French Newspapers Spar Over Proposed Tax

In a letter sent to several French ministerial offices last week, internet search engine giant Google threatened to de-index French media sites in protest of the proposed “Google tax” that stems from a French report suggesting the measure. Proposed as a possible method of addressing “cultural menaces posed by the digital world,” the tax would […]