Despite Positive Trend in Gay Marriage, Hostility Remains

Since the adoption of the law granting same-sex couples the right to marry and adopt children, more than six hundred same-sex couples have married and over a thousand applications have been submitted to town and city halls. According to France Inter, this is true of gay marriage in the fifty most populated cities and towns […]

France’s First Couple Married Despite Heightened Security

A significant milestone was reached last Wednesday, May 29, as Vincent Autin and Bruno Boileau became the first gay couple to formally wed, under France’s recently passed gay marriage law. The law, which had been passed ten days before the wedding, had proven highly controversial, sparking violent protests from the far-right and religious groups. The […]

Anti-Gay Marriage Protesters Fight the Bill and Their Homophobic Label

PARIS. –Protesters in Paris for Le Manif pour Tous – protest for all—gathered at Denfert-Rochereau metro station and marched up to Place des Invalides this Sunday April 21, calling for a referendum.  The protestors reported that 270,000 people were there this Sunday while police reported 46,000.  This is not the first discrepancy, as the March […]

Gay Marriage Debate Still Heated After Bill Passes in Senate

The final vote on the gay marriage and adoption bill is scheduled for a fixed-time debate of 25 hours to be followed by a final vote on April 23, in hopes of more rapidly quelling social disorder. But is it time to move on or should there be more debate? Opposition groups, such as Manif […]

French Senate Debates Same-Sex Marriage Bill

Debate in the French Senate began Thursday, April 4 on the controversial bill that would allow same-sex couples to marry and, if passed, would be a crucial victory for President François Hollande and his government. The bill already passed in France’s lower parliament back in February with a majority of 329 votes. Despite this show […]

A Look Back at the Same-Sex Marriage Debate

Immediately after the French Assembly deliberated over the same-sex marriage bill, the British followed suit. In Britain, same-sex civil unions are already feasible and surrogacy is an available option for every couple, as long as it is not paid. To no surprise, the bill passed quietly, since on the other side of the Channel the […]

A Desire for Higher Perspectives? Young French Look Back at the Gay Marriage Debate

PARIS. – After many months of battle and 110 hours of discussion, the same-sex marriage debate came to an end on Saturday, February 9, in the French National Assembly. The official vote on the entire bill took place on February 12. While the debate is just beginning in the Senate, it seems for the French […]

For or Against: What the Gay Marriage Protests Tell Us About France

PARIS. – On February 2, the French National Assembly voted to legalize gay marriage, followed shortly thereafter by Great Britain on February 5. The path leading to the adoption of this article of the gay rights project was not simple, however, and was marked by several massive demonstrations from both sides. The French are no […]

National Assembly Pulls All-Nighter to Discuss Gay Rights Legislation

The French National Assembly had a nuit blanche – loosely translated as an all-nighter – from February 3 to Feburary 4 to discuss the gay rights legislation. While the article legalizing gay marriage was adopted on Saturday, February 2, many other aspects of the bill still need to be discussed. The session, which lasted from […]

Last Stand for Same-Sex Marriage Supporters Before Vote in Assembly

PARIS. –On Sunday January 27, according to the police, 125,000 supporters of the same-sex marriage bill were part of the last demonstration before the debate begins in the National Assembly on Tuesday January 29 in Paris. The organizers of the protest claimed there were around 400,000 of them in the streets of Paris. Nevertheless, they […]