CNiL Plans to Sue Google

Both French and European representatives on the National Commission on Information and Liberties (CNiL) are moving forward with plans to sue Google. The potential suit would concern Google’s failure to alter its newest privacy policy, which was implemented early last year. In January 2012, Google “unified the privacy policies of its services” into a single […]

G-20 Leaders Proved Divided on Syria, United in Efforts to Curtail Tax Evasion

Leaders from around the world gathered in St. Petersburg this past week for the 2013 Group of 20 (G-20) Summit. The largest debate of the two-day meeting centered around the use of military force in Syria, discussed as a means to deter Syrian leader Bashar al-Assad from using chemical weapons. The international attitude towards the issue […]

Debate Over Syrian Intervention Rages On

The international community is waiting to see whether the French government will indeed enact punitive measures against Syrian president Bashar al-Assad’s regime. France released intelligence on Monday pointing to chemical weapon usage in Syria, corroborating similar findings by the United States. In response, Assad has warned that any attack on his nation would inevitably add […]

G20 and Rio+20: What Should Not Have Been Missed

Last week was a very busy one for M. François Hollande. The new French President was present at both the G20 Summit in Mexico, the Rio+20 Summit in Brazil, and he will be in Italy for a European based summit in the coming days. In waiting for the outcomes of the European Summit, here are […]