French Smoking Image Tops Anti-Tobacco Incentives

  By Corinne Ruff Most days between classes Lea Giacomelli, like many young, French students, finds herself outside university doors rolling thin, brown cigarettes for a smoky conversation with friends. As they enjoy their few minutes of break, a lighter is passed around to spark the dangling cigarettes between their lips. “If you don’t smoke, it’s […]

Young, Wild, and French: Why Don’t We Leave the Country Straight Away?

A couple weeks ago, the New York Times published an article entitled “The Best Hope for France’s Young? Get Out”, relaying a French controversy triggered by a column published by Libération in 2012, inviting the young French to leave their country and its “gerontocracy”, to find jobs and fresh ideas elsewhere. If there is one […]

Hollande Announces Measures to Mobilize and Aid French Youth

With more than 1 million French citizens ages 18 to 25 facing unemployment or financial difficulty, François Hollande announced a sweeping campaign Thursday, February 21, to alleviate the current difficulties for French youth and to help mobilize the younger generation in the future. Many of these measures were already introduced in the fall. Hollande’s special […]