How is Manuel Valls Doing?

  New Prime Minister Manuel Valls. Photo: Jackolan1 for Wikimedia Commons France’s new prime minister, Manuel Valls, was appointed to his position last month by President François Hollande, as one of many attempts to revive that man’s flagging popularity, along with that of his Parti Socialiste (PS).  A month into his tenure, things seem to be going well for a […]

A Deeper Look at the PS Congress

On October 27, at the opening of the congress of the Parti Socialiste (PS) in Toulouse, Martine Aubry stepped down as the First Secretary of the PS. Before leaving the party she said, “ I am proud and happy to have a united socialist party so that our government succeeds.” Harlem Désir succeeded Martine Aubry, […]

Désir’s Very Expected Parti Socialiste Victory

On Thursday, October 18, members of the Parti Socialiste (PS) voted in the second round of elections to determine the party’s First Secretary. As expected, PS member Harlem Désir won the race with 77.44% of the votes, while his opponent Emmanuel Maurel received 27.56%, according to the latest statistics. In any other election, this margin […]