French Muslims Condemn ISIS-Linked Terrorists in Defense of Their Dual Identity

NÎMES – When terrorists brutally decapitated French citizen Hervé Gourdel in Algeria on September 22nd, French Muslims were suddenly faced with the need to defend both the name of Islam and their French identities. The group Jund al-Khilafa group (“Soldiers of the Caliphate”) kidnapped Hervé Gourdel, originally from Nice, who had been on a hiking […]

European Court of Human Rights Upholds France’s Burqa Ban

On Tuesday, July 2 the European Court of Human Rights upheld France’s 2010 law that bans the burqa in public spaces and ruled that the ban does not violate Muslim women’s human rights. The case was brought to the Court by a 24-year-old Muslim French woman in April 2011, who denounced the law as not […]

Group of Extreme-Right Activists Occupies Mosque in Poitiers

On Saturday the October 20, 70 people from all over France and belonging to Génération Identitaire (GI), an extreme-right youth movement, took control of an under-construction mosque in the French city of Poitiers. They put out a banner with their group’s name on the roof to advertise, according to one of the militants. The group’s […]

United States Criticizes France over Religious Tolerance

On Monday July 30 the United States State Department released a report on international religious freedom stating that France and Belgium had recently instituted laws about dress that “adversely affected Muslims.” France was included in the more general statement made by the report that there has been a recent rise in anti-Semitism and Islamophobia in […]