Out of Camembert Boxes? Poplar Shortage Threatens French Food Industry

The French culinary world was shaken by disrupting news in early May—the nation is currently facing a shortage of poplars, the fast-growing trees used to make Camembert cheese boxes, oyster baskets, and vegetable crates. And according to the Vice President of the National Council of Poplars, Hervé Drouin, the situation has grown urgent. The volume […]

Something Fishy: More Scandal to Taint French Food Industries

In the midst of the Spanghero horsemeat scandal that has tarnished the French food service industry, a new crisis has arisen that has evoked complaints from consumers and organizations alike.  In 2001, the European Union passed a law making it illegal to feed farmed fish using flour (or meal) made from animal meat. This law was […]