Back From Broadway: Why Are the French So Reluctant to Belong?

When I got back to France after a semester at Columbia University, my friends welcomed me as if those four months “abroad on Broadway” had not really happened. But there was a tiny glitch in the illusion that nothing had changed and it quickly reminded me that I had truly been abroad in a foreign […]

Suicide in Parisian School Raises Questions over Security

On May 16, a 50-year-old man killed himself with a gun in the hall of a pre-school in the 7th arrondissement of Paris in front of several children. Sources indicate that he had been kept from entering by several adults before apparently panicking and shooting himself in the head. Vincent Peillon, Minister of Education, returned  from […]

Teaching of Morality Reintroduced in the French Educational System

Jean Jaurès, former leader of the French Socialist party, wrote 131 years ago, “There cannot be civic teaching without morality. Because morality is that which concerns the dignity and respect of humanity.” A century later, this idea remains relevant. Vincent Peillon, Minister of National Education, expressed his vision for a secular morality to be conveyed […]

Investing in the Future: Vincent Peillon Releases Plans for Educational Reform

The French Minster of Education, Vincent Peillon, informed the public last Thursday, April 10 that the 2013 school year would be “a year of transition.” According to him, 6,770 new jobs will be created, an increased emphasis will be placed on more teachers coming into the workforce, and a change in the structure of the […]

France Debates New School Calendar

As soon as he assumed his position as Minister of Education in May, Vincent Peillon talked about a reform of the school calendar, asserting that “a four day week, very long holidays, overcrowded days, this is not good for anyone.” His concern comes from a report published in July 2011 and led by Luc Chatel, […]

The OECD Focuses on French Education

The Organisation for Economical Cooperation and Development (OECD) has disclosed its annual report on education: Education at a glance 2012 ( and it looks like France has to improve some points. France invests 6.3% of its GDP in education. However its distribution is often unbalanced compared with OECD averages. In fact France prefers to invest […]