French Constitutional Council Strikes Down Bonus/Malus Law on Energy

On Friday, April 12, the French Constitutional Council struck down a new law proposing a bonus/malus tax on private citizens for energy consumption. The judges of the Council ruled the bill unconstitutional, citing that it did not uphold the country’s principle of equality. The government-backed bill, introduced by MP François Brottes of Parti socialiste (PS), […]

Hollande’s 75% Income Tax Plan Receives Final Blow

The French State Council (Counseil d’Etat ) objected to President François Hollande’s controversial 75% top-margin income tax reform plan last Thursday, declaring that the tax could not exceed 66.66% without being “confiscatory.” Finance Minister Pierre Moscovici released on Friday the government’s acknowledgement and acceptance of their advice. The 75% tax would have only been imposed […]

Hollande Takes First Step Towards Necessary Reform of Constitutional Council

In his New Year’s speech to the “wise men” of the Constitutional Council, François Hollande declared that he would put an end to the right held by former Presidents to be members of this institution. Hollande’s decision acknowledges one fact: the Constitutional Council has gone from a technical, marginal institution to a guardian of the […]

French Constitutional Council Censors New Housing Law

On October 24 France’s Constitutional Council, the highest legal authority, censored the new housing law that had been passed on October 10. The Council censored the law because its process of implementation “did not respect the parliamentary procedure regarding its examination in the Senate.” The government wanted to pass the law quickly, and so the […]