Hollande Outraged, Opposition Calling for Blood in Cahuzac Scandal Aftermath

President Francois Hollande made a television appearance on Wednesday, April 3 to address the country concerning his disgraced former French Budget Minister, Jérôme Cahuzac, and the secret, off-shore banking accounts in both Switzerland and Singapore that he admitted to possessing yesterday, April 2.  After months under investigation, Cahuzac confessed that the allegations were in fact true, […]

Cahuzac Guilty, Admits to Having a Swiss Bank Account

One week after resigning his post as French Budget Minister amidst a probe into his private bank accounts, Jérôme Cahuzac admitted on Tuesday, April 2 that he did in fact possess the alleged foreign bank account with Swiss bank, Reyl and Cie. Despite his decision to resign on March 26, Cahuzac vehemently denied the existence of […]

Budget Minister Cahuzac Resigns Following Tax Fraud Accusations

French Budget Minster Jérôme Cahuzac resigned Tuesday, March 19 after prosecutors announced they were going to begin investigating Mr. Cahuzac for tax fraud.  A crusader against tax evasion, particularly by means of international bank accounts, Cahuzac has been accused of doing just that with a Swiss bank account.  The controversy has been swirling since January […]