Survey Results: French Anti-Semitism Sparks Jewish Interest in Emigrating?

Nearly three-quarters of surveyed French Jews last month stated that they are leaning towards emigration. 29.9 percent of this 74.2 percent mentioned a desire to escape anti-Semitism, while another 24.4 percent cited a wish to “preserve their Judaism.” Seven and a half percent cited “economic considerations,” while another 12.4 percent simply felt drawn to other […]

A Closer Look at Hollande’s Vel d’Hiv Speech Controversy

Exactly one week ago, President François Hollande gave a speech to commemorate the Vel d’Hiv roundup in 1942, during which 13,152 French and foreign Jews were arrested and deported to camps. 4,000 were children. Hollande’s speech focused on two main points: a personal commitment concerning the obligation to remember and the fight against anti-Semitism, and […]