European Court Finds French Government Unable to Take a Joke

The European Court of Human Rights ruled Thursday, March 14th that the man condemned by the French government for insulting then-President, Nicolas Sarkozy, should be cleared of all charges.  The Court found that France had violated the man’s right to Freedom of Speech.  Hervé Eon was fined by the French government for displaying an insulting […]

The Values of the Republic, the Rules of the Internet

“Twitter must find ways to ensure that messages sent in our territory, in our language and intended for our citizens do not contain manifest attacks against our fixed principles [sic].” — Najat Vallaud-Belkacem, Minister for Women’s Rights / Government Spokesperson, 28 Dec. 2012, Le Monde French President François Hollande hasn’t tweeted since May 18. Granted, […]

Weekly Editorial: The Media, The Extremists and the Freedom of Speech

For more than two centuries, the United States have carried a reputation regarding the freedom of speech: they are the free-ist country in the world. Except for exceptional circumstances, everyone in the country is entitled to express publicly whatever they think. This right has become entrenched in the country’s tradition and is, rightfully, a pride […]