Unemployment in France Spikes at End of Year

The rate of unemployment in France rose 0.5% in November, reversing a six-month trend in declining unemployment, a positive trend which continues to be referenced by President François Hollande as the fiscal year draws to a close. A monthly data report released by Pôle Emploi (a French government agency focused on unemployment) on December 26 […]

French Employers, Unions Reach Labor Agreement

In an unprecedented and surprising move, French employers and labor unions reached an agreement on Friday, January 11 that is expected to bring major reforms to a heavily burdened and recession-bruised French labor market. Reuters reports that the proposed reforms will address concerns “often cited by credit ratings agencies” that the French work force is […]

In Midst of Struggle for Economic Growth, Investment from Amazon

Online retail giant Amazon has announced its plan to invest in France in 2013. This new venture involves the creation of a new dispatch center in the country, which will create 2,500 jobs. According to Amazon, the new center is slated for full development in 2015, and will be built in Lauwin-Planque. The center will […]