National Assembly Adopts Same-Sex Marriage

Video by Peter Ansell for La Jeune Politique. PARIS. – The same-sex marriage bill was adopted Tuesday April 23 just after 5:00 p.m. without further amendments, but that does not mean the fight is over.  The final vote came to 331 for and 225 against after impassioned speeches from various party leaders on both sides.  […]

Gay Marriage Debate Reveals Trends in French Society

If everything goes correctly, the bill legalizing marriage and adoption for homosexual couples will be voted Tuesday in the National Assembly, on the same terms as the one that was voted in the Senate a couple of weeks ago. Of course, a few steps will remain: François Hollande will still have to sign the law […]

A Look Back at the Same-Sex Marriage Debate

Immediately after the French Assembly deliberated over the same-sex marriage bill, the British followed suit. In Britain, same-sex civil unions are already feasible and surrogacy is an available option for every couple, as long as it is not paid. To no surprise, the bill passed quietly, since on the other side of the Channel the […]

A Desire for Higher Perspectives? Young French Look Back at the Gay Marriage Debate

PARIS. – After many months of battle and 110 hours of discussion, the same-sex marriage debate came to an end on Saturday, February 9, in the French National Assembly. The official vote on the entire bill took place on February 12. While the debate is just beginning in the Senate, it seems for the French […]

For or Against: What the Gay Marriage Protests Tell Us About France

PARIS. – On February 2, the French National Assembly voted to legalize gay marriage, followed shortly thereafter by Great Britain on February 5. The path leading to the adoption of this article of the gay rights project was not simple, however, and was marked by several massive demonstrations from both sides. The French are no […]

National Assembly Pulls All-Nighter to Discuss Gay Rights Legislation

The French National Assembly had a nuit blanche – loosely translated as an all-nighter – from February 3 to Feburary 4 to discuss the gay rights legislation. While the article legalizing gay marriage was adopted on Saturday, February 2, many other aspects of the bill still need to be discussed. The session, which lasted from […]

Opponents of Gay Marriage Make Their Voices Heard in Paris Protest

PARIS – They were at least 300,000 according to the police, but the protestors claim their numbers were closer to 800,000. The opponents of gay marriage rallied from all over France and swarmed Paris this Sunday, January 13 to protest against the “marriage for all” bill, which would grant the right to marry to homosexual […]

UMP Proposes Amendment to Gay Marriage Bill

The fight for same-sex marriage and adoption in France is far from over, as evidenced by the struggle between the Parti Socialiste (PS) and the Union pour un mouvement populaire (UMP). On January 8 Christian Jacob, president of the UMP in the French National Assembly, announced a motion for an amendment to the marriage equality […]

Gay Marriage Controvery Spreads to Schools

On January 7, Laurent Wauquiez, French representative for the Union pour un Mouvement Populaire (UMP), announced that he would submit a motion in the Assembly to force François Hollande to organize a referendum about same-sex marriage. Wauquiez’s statement occurred at such a perfect moment that there is little doubt it was prepared: exactly one week […]

Gay Marriage: Why the Government Must Act Now!

When elected officials face a political issue, they have two ways to solve it. On the one hand, they can (and often do) try to compromise: it gives to the decision a greater legitimacy and more supporters within civil society. On the other hand, they sometimes have the opportunity to force the decision and impose […]